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Decisive Battles is a television show, which originally aired on Fridays on the History Channel, that depicted historic battles. It ran for thirteen episodes in mid-2004.[1] The show used the game engine from Rome: Total War to present 3-D versions of the battles.[2] The show was hosted by Matthew Settle, who usually traveled to the sites of the battle. Reruns of the show air on the History International channel and the Military History channel.


No. Title Main battle covered Airdate
1 Cannae Battle of Cannae July 23
2 Gaugamela Battle of Gaugamela July 30
3 Marathon Battle of Marathon August 6
4 Thermopylae Battle of Thermopylae August 13
5 Spartacus Third Servile War August 20
6 Attila the Hun Battle of Chalons August 27
7 Crassus: Rich Man, Poor Man Battle of Carrhae September 3
8 The Gothic Invasion of Rome Battle of Adrianople / Sack of Rome September 10
9 Hail Caesar! Battle of Pharsalus September 24
10 Birth of the Roman Empire Battle of Cynoscephalae October 1
11 Boudicca: Warrior Queen, AD 61 Battle of Watling Street October 8
12 Ramses II Battle of Kadesh October 15
13 Herman the German Battle of the Teutoburg Forest October 22

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