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The Lost Evidence is a television program on The History Channel which uses three-dimensional landscapes, reconnaissance photos, eyewitness testimony and documents to reevaluate and recreate key battles of World War II. The entire series was made up of 23 fifty-minute episodes with the exception of the D-Day episode, which is 100 minutes in length (or 1 hour and 40 minutes).

The first episode was aired in the UK in 2004.

Episode Number Title
Episode 1 D-Day
Episode 2 North Africa
Episode 3 Battle of the Bulge
Episode 4 Sicily
Episode 5 Liberation of Paris
Episode 6 Breakout from Normandy
Episode 7 Battle of Berlin
Episode 8 Crossing the Rhine
Episode 9 Monte Cassino
Episode 10 Stalingrad
Episode 11 Operation Market Garden
Episode 12 Peleliu
Episode 13 El Alamein
Episode 14 Battle of Britain
Episode 15 Luzon
Episode 16 Guam
Episode 17 Okinawa
Episode 18 Leyte Gulf
Episode 19 Saipan
Episode 20 Guadalcanal
Episode 21 Tarawa
Episode 22 Iwo Jima
Episode 23 Pearl Harbor

Broadcast Airings[edit]

Repeats of the series are currently airing on the digital broadcast network Quest.

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