Demachiyanagi Station

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Demachiyanagi Station
Keihan-Eiden Demachiyanagi station.jpg
The Demachiyanagi Station building
Location Sakyo, Kyoto, Kyoto
Coordinates 35°1′49.85″N 135°46′23.87″E / 35.0305139°N 135.7732972°E / 35.0305139; 135.7732972Coordinates: 35°1′49.85″N 135°46′23.87″E / 35.0305139°N 135.7732972°E / 35.0305139; 135.7732972
Operated by
  • Bus terminal

Demachiyanagi Station (出町柳駅, Demachiyanagi-eki) is a railway station located in Sakyō-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

The name "Demachiyanagi" is the combined name of "Demachi" in Kawaramachi Imadegawa, the west side of Kamo River, and "Yanagi" around the station, the east side of that.



The station is separated into two sections: the ground-level Eiden station and the underground Keihan station. Tracks of the two lines are not connected.

Eizan Railway[edit]

Demachiyanagi Station
Eizan Electric Railway station
Location 32-1, Tanaka Kamiyanagicho, Sakyo, Kyoto, Kyoto
Operated by Eizan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Line(s) Eizan Main Line
Other information
Station code E01
Opened 1925
Passengers (2012[1]) 5,171,000

There are 4 dead-end platforms with 3 tracks on the ground with bus station and the entrance of Keihan Railway, along Kawabata Dori.

1  Eizan Main Line for Yase-Hieizanguchi (side)
(1, 2)  exit (island)
2, 3  Kurama Line for Nikenchaya and Kurama (island)
(3)  exit (side)

Keihan Railway[edit]

Demachiyanagi Station
Keihan Railway station
Location Kamo-ohashi Higashizume, Sakyo, Kyoto, Kyoto
Operated by Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Line(s) Oto Line
Opened 1989
Passengers (2012[1]) 14,443,000

The station owned by Keihan Railway is located under Kawabata Dori. There is an island platform with 2 tracks under the ticket gates. There are ticket gates in the north and the south. The north one is called "Eiden Gate" and the south one is "Imadegawa Gate".

Eizan Railway and the north side of Imadegawa Dori is connected with the Eiden Gate, and the south side of Imadegawa Dori is with the Imadegawa Gate

1, 2  Oto Line, Keihan Main Line for Chushojima, Hirakatashi, Yodoyabashi, and Nakanoshima
  • Limited express trains usually depart from Track (Platform) 2.


East side of Kamo River and Takano River
West side of Kamo River and Takano River

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Eizan Railway Eizan Main Line (E01)
Terminus   -   Mototanaka (E02)
Keihan Railway
Ōtō Line
Jingū-Marutamachi   Local   Terminus
Jingū-Marutamachi   Sub Express
Commuter Sub Express (starting, weekday mornings)
Jingū-Marutamachi   Express   Terminus
Sanjō   Rapid Express
Commuter Rapid Express (starting for Nakanoshima, weekday mornings)
Sanjō   Limited Express   Terminus
Sanjō   Rapid Limited Express
(on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays during the tourist seasons and new year period)


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