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Demonsbane is an e-book and the first novel of the Diablo series. It was written by Robert B. Marks.

It appears in print in the Diablo Archive.


Siggard—the only survivor of the battle of Blackmarch, unable to remember the battle's final hours—is driven to avenge those slain by the army of darkness. As he hunts the demonic army, Siggard pieces together the truth of that terrible battle...and finds his nightmare is just beginning.


Demonsbane was a book published in the spirit of the "e-book revolution." However, the market for e-books was quite small at the time and despite months of advertising on, sales were in the hundreds rather than the projected thousands.[1]

Before being written, it was decided that Demonsbane should set the tone for the series, and help establish Sanctuary not only as a living and breathing game world, but also as a living and breathing world in literature. As such, Marks did a lot of world building using flavour quotes at the beginning of each chapter.[1]


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