Depressor supercilii muscle

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Depressor supercilii
Origin Medial orbital rim
Insertion Medial aspect of bony orbit
Nerve Facial nerve
Actions Depression of eyebrow
Latin musculus depressor supercilii
TA A04.1.03.019
FMA 46798
Anatomical terms of muscle

The Depressor Supercilii is an eye muscle of the human body. The nature of this muscle is in some dispute. Few printed anatomies include it (Netter, et al.) and many authorities consider it to be part of the orbicularis oculi muscle.[1]

On the other hand, many dermatologists, ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons[2] hold that the depressor supercilii is a distinct muscle and has a definite, individual effect on the movement of the eyebrow and skin of the glabella.[2]

Origin and insertion[edit]

The depressor supercilii originates on the medial orbital rim, near the lacrimal bone, and inserts on the medial aspect of the bony orbit, inferior to the corrugator supercilii. In some specimens it exhibits two heads and in others, only one.[citation needed]

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