Djibouti Premier League

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Premier League
Country Djibouti
Confederation CAF
Founded 1987
Number of teams 10
Level on pyramid 1
Domestic cup(s) Djibouti Cup
International cup(s) Champions League
Confederation Cup
Current champions Djibouti Télécom
Most championships Force Nationale de Police (7)
Website Djibouti Federation Website
2016–17 Djibouti Premier League

The Djibouti Premier League is the highest division in association football in Djibouti. It was formed in 1987.

Teams (2015–16)[edit]

Previous champions[edit]

Performance by club[edit]

Club City Titles Last Title
Force Nationale de Police (Includes Force Nationale Securité) Djibouti (city) 7 2001
Djibouti Télécom Ali Sabieh 6 2016–17
AS Compagnie Djibouti-Ethiopie Djibouti (city) 4 2007
AS Port Djibouti (city) 3 2011–12
Gendarmerie Nationale Djibouti (city) 2 2003–04
FC Société Immobiliére de Djibouti Kartileh 2 2007–08
AS Boreh Djibouti (city) 1 2001–02
AS Aéroport Djibouti (city) 1 1991
AS Etablissements Merill Djibouti (city) 1 1987


Year Best scorers Team Goals
1988 Iftim ACPM 12
2002–03 Djibouti Saïd Hassan Gendarmerie Nationale 13
2003–04 Egypt Ahmed Galal Total 7
2008–09 Djibouti Liban Mohamed Guelleh Batal 22
2009–10 Djibouti Aden Charmakeh AS Port 19
2011–12 Djibouti Magdi Galal AS Port 20
2013–14 Djibouti Liban Mohamed Guelleh Batal
Garde Républicaine

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