DoDonPachi II

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DoDonPachi II
DoDonPachi II arcade flyer.jpg
Arcade Flyer
Developer(s) IGS
Series DonPachi
Platform(s) Arcade
Genre(s) Vertical scrolling shooter, Manic shooter
Mode(s) Single player, 2 player Co-op
Cabinet Upright
Arcade system PolyGame Master
Display Vertical orientation, 224 × 448, 2304 palette colors

DoDonPachi II (怒首領蜂II, DoDonPachi Tsū) is a Japanese manic shooter developed by IGS and published by Capcom in 2001.


This game's gameplay is similar to that of other DonPachi games; however, there are different bosses.[citation needed]


DoDonPachi II supports Chinese, English and Korean. The interface language depends on the protection chip inside the game cartridge, which provides region information. In addition, the game's title, stage names and boss names are also altered depending on the region.[citation needed]


A soundtrack for first 2 DoDonPachi games was released by Scitron Digital Content.



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