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The Goodies episode
Episode no. Series 7
Episode 59 (of 76)
Produced by
Starring Tim Brooke-Taylor
Graeme Garden
Bill Oddie
Original air date 8 November 1977
(Tuesday — 9 p.m.)
Guest appearance(s)
Percy Edwards as
the (voice) of the Dodo
Barney Carroll as a Hunter
Rocky Newby as a 'Hunter
Eddie Davis as a Hunter
Ernie Goodyear as a
Bill Gosling as the
Club Butler
Jimmy Mac as ...
James Muir as ...
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Alternative Roots"
Next →
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"Dodonuts" is an episode of the award-winning British comedy television series The Goodies.

Written by The Goodies, with songs and music by Bill Oddie.


Bill is upset when he discovers that Tim and Graeme have become obsessive hunters. Tim and Graeme belong to the Endangered Species Club. They are especially interested in hunting endangered species because the small numbers make them hard to find. On the other hand, Tim and Graeme consider that common species animals and birds are too abundant and therefore far too easy to hunt.

Later, Graeme finds a dodo (the last one in existence) in a pet shop, and brings it home to Bill, who then has to keep the bird safe from the other two. Tim asks Graeme about the price of the dodo: "Was it going cheap?" "No," said Graeme, "it was going ERRRRKKKK!!!"

When Bill teaches the dodo how to fly (for the dodo's own protection), the method of flight is rather unusual for a bird.


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