Farm Fresh Food (The Goodies)

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"Farm Fresh Food"
The Goodies episode
Episode no. Series 2
Episode 16 (of 76)
Produced by
Starring Tim Brooke-Taylor
Graeme Garden
Bill Oddie
Original air date 10 December 1971
(Friday — 10.10 p.m.)
Guest appearance(s)
John Le Mesurier as
"Uncle Tom"
Frank Thornton as the
Andrea Lawrence as "..."
Reg Turner as "..."
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Come Dancing"
Next →
"Women's Lib"
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"Farm Fresh Food" is an episode of the award-winning British comedy television series The Goodies.

This episode is also known as "Health Farm" and "Uncle Tom's Farm".

Written by The Goodies, with songs and music by Bill Oddie.


When the Goodies go out to dinner, they are disgusted with the fact that none of the food is fresh. So they decide to visit Tim's Uncle Tom to have good fresh country food.

However, Uncle Tom has never seen his livestock — he runs an electronic system which automatically feeds all of the animals. When Graeme asks him: "Are all your hens battery hens?", Uncle Tom replies: "No. Some of them run off the mains.".

When the Goodies protest at the treatment of animals at the farm, Uncle Tom gets them to work for him.

Finally, Uncle Tom is able to see his animals and he realises that they are living beings — and the Goodies then strike up with even more problems as a result of this.


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