Hospital for Hire

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"Hospital for Hire"
The Goodies episode
Episode no. Series 4
Episode 32 (of 76)
Produced by
Starring Tim Brooke-Taylor
Graeme Garden
Bill Oddie
Original air date 15 December 1973
(Saturday — 8.10 p.m.)
Guest appearance(s)
Harry H. Corbett as the
"Minister for Health"
The Fred Tomlinson Singers as "..."
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Invasion of the Moon Creatures"
Next →
"The Goodies and the Beanstalk"
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"Hospital for Hire" is an episode of the award-winning British comedy television series The Goodies.

This episode is also known as "The National Health Service" and "Doctors".

Written by The Goodies, with songs and music by Bill Oddie.


The National Health Service is having problems, and the Goodies are disgusts the poor services, with the phone being answered by Tim. Graeme asks Tim: "What did he say?" Tim replies: "He said, "How dare we criticize the National Health Service! If they are a bit slow, that's because they keep being pestered by sick people. And as we do anything anytime, why don't we help out by studying medicine ourselves and going to work for the National Health Service, so there"." Bill then asks: "He said all that just then?", with Tim answering: "No, I left out the rude bits."

So, the Goodies become doctors. They pass all the tests — including beer drinking and nurse chasing.

Later, Graeme develops a special tonic and the Goodies sell it at a Medicine show. They also set up their own eccentric outdoor hospital, performing X-rays (a classic moment sees Graeme being frightened and running away at the sight of a skeleton emerging from behind the X-ray machine) and operations, as well as setting bones and delivering babies.

The Goodies become obsessed with curing people, and collect patients from all over, including a patient from the back of an ambulance. Soon, all of Britain is cured by Graeme's tonic. Even a Mummy, in a museum, is brought back to life by Graeme's tonic.

When the Goodies later become ill, they discover that curing the nation from sickness has unexpected disadvantages.

Songs written and sung by Bill Oddie[edit]

  • "Be a Medical Man"
  • "Goodies Medicine Show"

Cultural references[edit]


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