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Dombki (alternatively spelled: Domki / Doomki /Domkhi / Doomkhi) (Urdu: ڈومبکی‎) is a Baloch tribe in Balochistan.[1][2] Its name is taken after Dombak river in Iran. They were the history archivers of Baloch. It has further sub-tribes like Baggad, Bhand, Denari, Gabol, Gaziyani, Gorgaij, Haada, Lashari, Wazeerani and many little sub-tribes. Domki's mainly live in Sindh province.

Bhand / Band or بنڈ / بھنڈ is an agricultural tribe(sub-tribe of Dombki). Its name is derived from a Balochi word (بھاند) means "Ready to fight". Another etymology shows that its name is derived from a Balochi word (بڈ) means to "Make fool" and are considered clever tribe.

Their main place of origin is Lehri, Balochistan. They are living in Naseerabad, Jaffarabad, Jhal Magsi and Gwadar districts of Balochistan. And living in Bhandi, Nawabshah, Dadu, Hyderabad and Karachi of Sindh and in D.M. Jamali of Punjab. Very little number of them are living in Oman.

They speak Balochi, Siraiki and Sindhi according to their neighbour. They are the owners of sweet mangoes of Makran.


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