Dongducheon Rock Festival

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Dongducheon Rock Festival
Genre Rock
Location(s) Dongducheon, South Korea
Years active 1999-present

Dongducheon Rock Festival is a rock festival, which is held annually in Dongducheon, South Korea in late summer since 1999. The motto of the festival includes hope and wish for peaceful reunion of south and north Korea. It is considered as one of major music festivals in South Korea.[1]


The line-up included Cul-de-sac, Dr.Core 911, Rust Eye, Black Syndrome, Harlequin, Blackhole, Do Won Kyoung, Sinchon Blues, Love And Peace, Boohwal, Sinawe and Yoon Do Hyun


The festival was not held


The line-up included Megadeth, BUCK-TICK, Cul-de-sac, Shin Joong Hyun, Yoon Do Hyun, Do Won Kyoung, Kim Kyung Ho, Lee Eun Mi, Crash, Crying Nut, Sinawe, Blackhole, Gigs, Black Syndrome, 3rd Line Butterfly, Rainysun, Bulldog Mansion, Diablo, No Brain, Pia, Jeremy, Frida Kahlo and Lazybone


The line-up included Peterpan Complex, Siberian Husky, Naked, Samcheong, Jihad, Johnny Royal, Sister's Barbershop, Vassline, Blackhole, No Brain, Grand Slam, Lazybone, Gaia, Lorelei, Jeremy, Black Syndrome, Do Won Kyoung, Crying Nut and Jun In Kwon


The line-up included DOA, Black Hole, Do Won Kyoung, Cinnamon, Crash, Jeremy, Black Syndrome, Lolita No.18, Sister's Barbershop, No Brain, Transfixion, Sinawe, Schizo, Gaia, Hammer and Niflheim


The line-up included Oh! Brothers, The Metal Asia, Jeremy, Black Hole, Oathean, Wiretrap In My Ear, No Brain, Black Syndrome, Do Won Kyoung and N.EX.T


The line-up included Vanila Unity, Crow, Sangsang Band, Candy Man, Do Won Kyoung, Boohwal and Kim Jong Seo


The line-up included Emoticon, Super Kidd, Island City, Oh! Brothers, Vanila Unity, Vassline, Schizo, Transfixion, Do Won Kyoung, No Brain and YB


The line-up included Wiretrap In My Ear, Pia, Kim Kyung Ho, N.EX.T, Love And Peace, Mir, Dr.Core 911, Oathen, Crow, Diablo, Schizo, Bloody Cookie, Do Won Kyoung, Emoticon, Mad Fret, No.1 Korean and Peterpan Complex, Eve, Vassline, Transfixion


The line-up included Anthrax (American band), Baekdusan, Crash, Moon Hee Jun, Wiretrap In My Ear, Kim Jong Seo, In Sooni, N.EX.T, Survive, Diablo, Crow, Vassline, Oathean, Galaxy Express, Mad Fret, Kim Jong Seo, Cherry Filter, Schizo, Transfixion, Dr.Core 911, Crying Nut, 404 Not Found, Vanila Unity, Boohwal, Do Won Kyoung, Kang San Ae, Maya, No.1 Korea and Super Kidd


The 12th edition of the festival was held at the Soyosan Tourist Resort in Donducheon from August 14 through 15, 2010. The lineup included Killer Cuts, Morning of July, Geonadeul Locust, Yi Chihyeon and Friends, Yi Hyeonseok Band, Kim Mokkyung Band, Baekdusan Band, Love and Peace, Jongseo Kim, and Spring Summer Autumn and Winter (SSAW) for the first day (14th), and Vanilla City, Crow, Crying Nut, Transfiction, Diablo, Kim Soochul Bank, Balckhole, Pia, NEXT, and YB for the second day (15th).

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