Dongzhimen Station

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Beijing Subway
Dongzhimen metro exit.jpg
Dongzhimen station exit
Location Beijing
Operated by Beijing Mass Transit Railway Operation Corp., Ltd
     Airport Express
Opened September 20, 1984 (Line 2)
January 28, 2003(Line 13)
July 19, 2008(Airport Express)
Preceding station   Beijing Subway   Following station
towards Jianguomen
Line 2
towards Xizhimen
towards Xizhimen
Line 13 Terminus
Terminus Airport Express

Dongzhimen Station (simplified Chinese: 东直门站; traditional Chinese: 東直門站; pinyin: Dōngzhímén Zhàn) is an interchange station for Line 2, Line 13 and the Airport Express of the Beijing Subway.

Dongzhimen is the eastern terminus for Line 13 service. It is also the only underground station on the line. There are two side platforms in the Line 13 station. One is for customers to disembark and the other is for customers to get on the train. Stairs and escalators lead to the transfers to Line 2 and the Airport Express


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Coordinates: 39°56′24″N 116°25′41″E / 39.94°N 116.428°E / 39.94; 116.428