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Doomworld's front page
Type of site
News, Forum
Available in English
Created by Andrew Stine, Gaston Lahaut, Javier Heredia
Alexa rank Decrease 856,938 (November 2016)[1]
Registration Required (Forums)

Doomworld is a news website dedicated to the video game Doom, having been founded on March 13, 1998. In addition to news, it provides informational resources about Doom and related games, hosting of Doom-related websites, and a community forum with over 15,000 registered users and 1,500,000 posts as of 2016.


The site was founded in 1998 by Andrew Stine, Gaston Lahaut,[2] and Javier Heredia, using the monikers Linguica, Mordeth, and Dukrous, respectively.[3] In 1999, Stine convinced John Carmack to redistribute the Doom engine under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

The site received mention in mainstream media in 1999 due to the controversy surrounding the Columbine High School massacre and shooters Eric Harris's and Dylan Klebold's obsession with Doom. It was one of the first websites to post an editorial defending Doom,[4] and representatives from the site participated in discussions on Good Morning America and CNN.[5]

Up until 2015, it was hosted by AtomicGamer (TeleFragged LLC) and is currently independently managed by a small staff of Doom fans with the help of many contributors. Doom creator John Romero said in 2016 that he still visits the website to keep up with the community surrounding his game.[6]


Among its Doom resources and features are:

  • /idgames Archive Database – A web-based frontend to the public Doom file archive hosted by As of July 2013, over 15,000 Doom mods and WADs are in the database.
  • Source ports and utilities listings – Documenting most known Doom source ports and utilities.
  • 5 Years of Doom – Celebrating the game's fifth anniversary, including interviews with John Romero, Tim Willits, and several notable Doom WAD creators, as well as the release of the Doom Bible.
  • 10 Years of Doom – A follow-up to the 5 Years of Doom feature, including several articles about the game's history and a list of over 100 of the best WADs of all time.
  • Cacowards – A yearly feature published since 2004 aiming to recognize the best new WAD releases of the year.

The site also contains links to hosted sites, many of which are no longer maintained.


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