Double anchorman knot

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The double anchorman knot is a type of knot consisting of two or more pieces of rope joined together. This knot and the triple anchorman knot are mostly used as a harness. The double anchorman knot supplies extra support by having two knots, ensuring that harness users such as rock climbers are safe. Occasionally this knot is used in search and rescue operations because it is so secure. The double anchorman knot is also used to make necklaces; the two ends are tied in separate knots, making the necklace length adjustable.

How to make the knot[edit]

To make the double anchorman knot, first acquire a piece of string or rope 14 inches or more in length. Begin by holding the string loosely in your hands, palms up. Cross the right side over the left, making a 4 shape. Now slowly pull the right tip up through the hole in the 4. Tighten. Do the same with the left side (cross, pull through, tighten) but before tightening, move the left knot next to the right knot.

You can continue using this basic technique to create a triple, quadruple, or even quintuple anchorman knot. None of these, however, are as strong as the double anchorman knot. The two knots next to each other create the perfect balance. Additional knots throw off the balance of the knot.

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