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Double Union
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DU's logo is a Unicode symbol with two nested sets
Abbreviation DU
Formation 2013
Purpose Hacking, Feminism, DIY culture
San Francisco, California
Liz Henry, Valerie Aurora, Amelia Greenhall, and others on founding committee
Website Official website Edit this at Wikidata

Double Union is a San Francisco hacker/maker space.[1] Double Union was founded by women in 2013 with the explicit goal of fostering a creative safe space for women; according to the organization’s mission statement, its purpose is to create a community workshop where women can work on projects in a comfortable, welcoming environment.[1][2]

Members hold public and members-only events for activities and workshops like zine making, paper circuits and electronics, coding, sewing, 3-dimensional printing, lightning talks, print making and many others.[3] Key carrying women members are allowed to invite guests of any gender.


February 2016 event

DU was founded in 2013 by a group of about ten women including Amelia Greenhall, Valerie Aurora, Liz Henry and Ari Lacenski from their connections at other hackerspaces; at The Ada Initiative's feminist unconference, AdaCamp; and through, collecting initial funding through an Indiegogo campaign.[4] Later that year, Lacenski left the group, claiming that two unnamed cofounders practiced a form of activism that she considered too aggressive.[5] There is a board of directors and a structure in place for voting in new members; as of 2015, there are around 150–200 members.

DU's logo is a bright pink Unicode character (U+22D3), from the Mathematical Operators block.

Originally located in the Mission district, Double Union relocated to the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco in Fall 2015 after their building was sold by the landlord. To fund the move and several equipment purchases, Double Union undertook an Indiegogo campaign, which finished at 106 percent of its goal.[6]

Physical space[edit]

For its first two years, the space was in a 700-square-foot room in the Mission neighborhood, at 14th and Mission in the Fog Building.[3] As of 2015, the new space is in the Potrero neighborhood in San Francisco.

Small electronics tools and supplies arranged on a table against a white wall
Tools and supplies



Several Double Union members have created an app for managing hackerspace membership applications, Arooo. Arooo is free to use and is licensed under the GNU GPL.[7]


Double Union created the Open Diversity Data project.[8] The project aggregates diversity data for a wide array of tech companies.[9]

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