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Downthemall logo.png
DownThemAll! screenshot
Developer(s) Federico Parodi, Stefano Verna, Nils Maier
Stable release 3.0.5 (September 2, 2016; 11 months ago (2016-09-02)) [±][1]
Preview release 3.0 [±][2]
Written in JavaScript/XUL
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in Multilingual
Type Download manager
License GPLv2[3]

DownThemAll! (DTA) is a download manager/accelerator extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser, licensed under the GNU General Public License. It can pause and restart supporting downloads at any time, without losing data, and enables users to download all the links, images or embedded objects contained in a webpage. Both HTTP and FTP protocols are supported.[4]

Multi-part downloading[edit]

One of the main features of DownThemAll! is the capability for multi-part download. This feature is similar to features in GetRight and Download Accelerator Plus. When enabled, this allows the user to download the file in pieces, then combine the pieces after a completed download; thus increasing the download speed when connected to a slow server.[4] 1.0b1 adds Metalink support which allows multiple URLs for each file to be passed to DTA, along with checksums and other information.[4]

Download filtering[edit]

When extracting links from a page, the user may choose to download only specific files (for example: all PDFs) using wildcard or regular expression inclusive filters.[4]

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