Duke Philipp of Württemberg

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Duke Philipp
Duke Philipp of Württemberg.jpg
Spouse Archduchess Marie-Thérèse of Teschen
Issue Albrecht, Duke of Württemberg
Duchess Marie Amélie of Württemberg
Duchess Maria Isabella of Württemberg
Duke Robert of Württemberg
Duke Ulrich of Württemberg
Full name
Philipp Alexander Maria Ernst
House House of Württemberg
Father Alexander of Württemberg
Mother Marie d'Orléans
Born (1838-07-30)30 July 1838
Neuilly-sur-Seine, Kingdom of the French
Died 11 October 1917(1917-10-11) (aged 79)
Stuttgart, Kingdom of Württemberg
Religion Roman Catholicism

Philipp of Württemberg (1838, Neuilly-sur-Seine – 1917, Stuttgart) was a Duke of Württemberg. He was the son of Alexander of Württemberg and of Marie d'Orléans. After the death of his cousin, Duke Nicholas of Württemberg, in 1903, he was heir presumptive to the royal throne of Württemberg.

Marriage and issue[edit]

In 1865 Philip of Württemberg married Archduchess Marie-Thérèse of Teschen (1845–1927) (daughter of Archduke Albert, Duke of Teschen and Princess Hildegard of Bavaria). They had 5 children :

Ducal Branch of the House of Württemberg[edit]

Philip of Württemberg belonged to the fifth branch (called the "Ducal branch") of the House of Württemberg, descended from the seventh son of Frederick II Eugene, Duke of Württemberg. On the extinction of the eldest branch in 1921, the Ducal branch became the new dynastic branch of the House. The House of Württemberg's two morganatic branches - the Dukes of Teck (extinct in the male line in 1981), and the morganatic branch of the Dukes of Urach - were technically "older" than the Ducal branch, but were ineligible to succeed.

Philip of Württemberg is the direct ancestor of the current claimant to the Dukedom of Württemberg: Carl, Duke of Württemberg.


Duke Philipp of Württemberg
Born: 30 July 1838 Died: 11 October 1917
German royalty
Preceded by
Duke Nicholas
Heir to the Throne of Württemberg
as heir presumptive
22 February 1903 – 11 October 1917
Succeeded by
Duke Albrecht