Econfina River

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The Econfina River is a minor river draining part of the Big Bend region of Florida, U.S.A. into Apalachee Bay. The river rises in San Pedro Bay near the boundary between Madison and Taylor counties, and flows 44 miles (71 km)[1] through Taylor County to Apalachee Bay. It has a watershed of 239 square miles (620 km2).

The name "Econfina" derives from the Creek ekana, which means "earthy", and feno, which means "bridge" or "footlog". This name may refer to a natural bridge over the river in the Natural Well Branch tract.[2][3]


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Coordinates: 30°02′10″N 83°55′42″W / 30.0360433°N 83.9282144°W / 30.0360433; -83.9282144