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Edison's Children
Edison’s Children 2011, Pete Trewavas and Eric Blackwood.
Background information
Origin Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England, Sugar Loaf, New York, United States
Genres Progressive rock, neo-progressive rock, alternative rock, psychedelic rock, acoustic rock
Years active 2011–present
Labels Random Disturbance Records, Racket Records
Associated acts Marillion, Transatlantic, Kino, Acoustic Industry, Sunblister, Blackwood & Foti, The Eric Blackwood Band, Steve Hogarth, The Wishing Tree, DeeExpus, Robin Boult, Fish, Crimson Steele
Website www.edisonschildren.com
Members Pete Trewavas
Eric Blackwood

Edison’s Children are a British and U.S.-based rock duo, formed in Aylesbury, England and Sugar Loaf, New York by Pete Trewavas of Marillion and Transatlantic and Eric Blackwood in 2011. They released a concept album, In The Last Waking Moments…, in 2011. Their song "A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine)" was released as a single in June 2012 and reached the FMQB Top 40 for 10 weeks total, peaking on 18 October 2012 at #32 for most played song on United States Commercial Radio.[1]

Pete Trewavas and Eric Blackwood wrote, produced, and engineered their album and played nearly every instrument on the album, except for the special guest appearances: Steve Rothery of Marillion; Steve Hogarth of Marillion; Ian Mosley of Marillion; Mark Kelly of Marillion; Robin Boult (Guitarist for Fish); and, Andy Ditchfield of DeeExpus.[2] Edison's Children's "In The Last Waking Moments..." marks the only time that all of Marillion have performed on the same album, that wasn't an actual "Marillion" release.

A new haunting concept album was released in December 2013 called "The Final Breath Before November". The "edge of midnight on Halloween" theme provided a dark canvas and a step away from the more "commercial" sounding In the Last Waking Moments... The album was based on an actual "ghostly" encounter between Eric Blackwood and a young teenage suicide which Eric reported as being the most horrific thing he's ever experienced... as he exhibited "A morbidity equal to that of coming upon a plane crash". The album again featured Eric Blackwood and Pete Trewavas as songwriters but also a prominent role by drummer Henry Rogers of Touchstone and DeeExpus. Nineteen-year-old Henry Rogers had won recently the awards for "World's Best Drummer" by England's "Classic Rock Society" for 2 years in a row, beating out Dream Theater/Transatlantic's Mike Portnoy who had long held the honor.

1st Man on the Moon and Mission Commander Neil Armstrong's son Rick Armstrong, joined the band as their live "2nd lead and synth guitarist" after guesting on stage with Edison's Children in Montreal and is expected to be a major part of the band's live show. He made his recording debut on Edison's Children's 3rd CD "Somewhere Between Here and There".


In The Last Waking Moments... was written and recorded in and around Pete Trewavas' recording and touring sessions with Transatlantic and Marillion and was recorded during 3 major sessions:

Between March 2010 and March 2011, Eric Blackwood and Pete Trewavas had already written nearly an entire album's worth of material, including the 25 minute "Silhouette" but writing sessions became so prolific during the Mont Saint-Sauveur sessions, that previously written songs (except for "Dusk") were left off the album.[5] 50 other songs were written and recorded as well, as movie soundtracks for the Hudson Film Group's upcoming projects: Purgatory, DeStressed, Jammed Up and Harvest Moon.

The additional musicians make Edison's Children very much a Marillion-related project. Apart from Trewavas, all current members of Marillion appear on at least one track; the track "The Awakening" includes four out of five Marillion musicians. Additionally, there is an appearance by Trewavas' childhood friend Robin Boult, who had stepped in for Steve Rothery for one Marillion show in 1986 and was a permanent member of ex-Marillion singer Fish's lineup for several years.

Edison's Children opened for Marillion's prestigious "Brave" show at the Marillion Weekends in Port Zeilande Netherlands, Montreal Quebec and Wolverhampton England from March til April 2013 and played a 2-hour show in Montreal in addition to the evening show on the main stage.[6] All three shows were recorded and the Montreal show has been released on the "In The Last Waking Moments..." [EP SINGLE] CD [7]

Edison's Children has announced that a new full-length album "The Final Breath Before November" is expected to be released by 1 January 2014 [8] featuring Pete Trewavas / Eric Blackwood and Henry Rogers on Drums. The album features only 3 songs but at 79:28 long, it just fits onto a single CD. Edison's Children has also signed Rick Armstrong [Son of Astronaut Neil Armstrong] on Guitar / Bass / Keyboards and Lisa Nojaim Drums/Percussion for live performances along with Henry Rogers - Drums


Current line-up:

  • Pete Trewavas – basses, lead and backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, samples and effects, drum programming, VST programming, Keyboards
  • Eric Blackwood – lead and backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, bass, keyboards, drum programming

also featuring Henry Rogers - drums ("Final Breath Before November")

Guest Members[edit]

  • Steve Hogarth (aka "h") – vocals – "The Awakening"
  • Steve Rothery – electric lead guitars – "Spiraling"
  • Mark Kelly – vocals – "The Awakening", keyboards – "The "Other" Other Dimension"
  • Ian Mosley – drums – "The Awakening"
  • Robin Boult – backing power rhythm guitar – "In The Last Waking Moments..."
  • Andy Ditchfield – vocals – "The Awakening"
  • Wendy Farrell-Pastore – Backing Vocals – "The Final Breath Before November"

Live Band[edit]

Edison's Children's Live Band is made up of:

  • Pete Trewavas - lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, bass
  • Eric Blackwood - lead vocals, lead synth guitar
  • Anna Koropchak - violin [Apothocary]
  • Rick Armstrong - rhythm guitar, keyboards, bass [Son of Astronaut and "First Man on the Moon" Neil Armstrong]
  • Dean Morekas - bass [Iluvatar]
  • Chris Mack - drums [Iluvatar and drummer for the Baltimore Ravens On Field Marching Band]
  • Henry Rogers - drums [of DeeExpus and Touchstone]

Live appearances have also included:

  • Dennis Mullin - guitar [Iluvatar]
  • Lisa Nojaim - percussion, backing vocals, drums


  • Mike Hunter – Mixdown of Dusk, Fracture, Fallout (Of The 2nd Kind), Outerspaced, Spiraling, The "Other" Other Dimension, Across The Plains, Lifeline, Fallout (Of The 3rd Kind), The Awakening
  • Robin Boult – Mixdown of "In the First Waking Moments…", "A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine)","In The Last Waking Moments…", "Fallout (Of The 4th Kind)
  • Mike Hunter – Mastering


Studio albums[edit]

In The Last Waking Moments…[edit]


  1. Dusk - 6:42
  2. Fracture - 5:50
    1. Fracture
    2. Fallout (Of The 1st Kind)
    3. The Last Refrain
  3. In The First Waking Moments… - 0:44
  4. A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine) - 5:01
  5. Fallout (Of The 2nd Kind) - 4:55
  6. Outerspaced - 3:14
  7. Spiraling - 5:01
  8. The "Other" Other Dimension - 4:45
  9. Across The Plains - 2:26
  10. In The Last Waking Moments… - 7:25
  11. Lifeline - 3:17
  12. Fallout (Of The 3rd Kind) - 4:00
  13. The Awakening - 15:33
    1. The Awakening (The Dawn)
    2. Slow Burn
    3. The Awakening (The Dusk)
  14. Fallout (Of The 4th Kind) - 1:46

The Final Breath Before November…[edit]


  1. Final Breath - 4:04
  2. Light Years - 6:05
    1. The Fading - 1:27
  3. Silhouette - 67:23
    1. Silence Can Be Deafening (Part I) - 6:47
    2. Welcome To Your Dreamland - 3:16
    3. Where Were You? - 12:05
    4. The Longing - 7:48
    5. The Morphlux - 3:12
    6. I Am Haunted - 2:51
    7. What Do You Want? - 2:04
    8. Seventh Sign - 7:01
      1. The Wrong
      2. The Acolyte
      3. The Hollows
      4. The Road (Less Traveled)
    9. The Second Coming of the Morphlux - 3:08
    10. Silence Can Be Deafening (Part II) - 5:13
    11. Welcome to Your Nightmare - 3:07
    12. Music for the End Credits of an Existence - 9:10
    13. The Clock Strikes November - 1:41

Single Releases and other physical CD appearances[edit]

"Dusk" (11.11.11)[edit]

  1. Dusk
  2. Dusk (The Rising) [Trance Remix]

(released as a fan promotion, week before album's official release. Single included "Inaugural Fan T-Shirt")

"A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine)" [EP SINGLE][edit]

  1. A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine) [Single Edit 3.47]
  2. Spiraling [featuring Marillion's Steve Rothery on lead guitar]
  3. Haunted Memories [new song]
  4. Fallout (Of The 5th Kind) [new song]
  5. A Moment of Zen [new song]
  6. Dusk (The Rising) [Remixed Trance Remix]
  7. A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine) [Album Edit 5:04]

Mixed by John Mitchell except 1/7 - Mixed by Robin Boult 2 - Mixed by Mike Hunter / Mastered by John Mitchell and Mike Hunter

"In The Last Waking Moments" [EP SINGLE][edit]

  1. In The Last Waking Moments... [Single Edit 4:58]
  2. Through The Ages [new song]
  3. Spiraling [Live in Montreal]
  4. A Million Miles Away (I WIsh I Had A TIme Machine) [Live in Montreal]
  5. In The Last Waking Moments... [Album Edit 7:58]

Mixed by Mike Hunter except 5 - Mixed by Robin Boult / Mastered by Mike Hunter

Live Tracks recorded by Phil Brown during Marillion Montreal Weekend Convention 2013 and Mixed by Mike Hunter

Robin Boult appears on Rhythm Guitar at the end of Tracks 1 and 5

"In The First Waking Moments..." [Demos, Out-takes, Alternate Versions and Remixes of In the Last Waking Moments...][edit]

  1. Dusk [The Sugar Loaf Sessions]
  2. Fracture 1.0
  3. A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine) 3.1 [Original version with Pete Trewavas on Lead Vocals]
  4. Fallout 2 [Doc Pulse Mix]
  5. Blackwater [Original version of Outerspaced with Eric Blackwood on Lead Vocals]
  6. Spiraling [Pre-Rothers Mix - Original Version before Steve Rothery's addition]
  7. The "Other" Other Dimension [Pre-Mad Jack Mix - Original Version before Mark Kelly's addition]
  8. The "Other" Other Elevator Music ["Elevator Music Version" from the film "DeStressed"]
  9. The "Other" Other On Hold Music ["On Hold Music Version" from the film "DeStressed" featuring Pete Trewavas on Rap]
  10. The Doctors [Solo of "The Doctors" conversation in "The "Other" Other Dimension"]
  11. In The Last Waking Moments... [Alternate Chorus Version. Original Version with Original Chorus]
  12. Taking Aliens Filter [Writing Session of Lifeline]
  13. Squonkie [Original Version of The Awakening with "The Longing" as the Bridge instead of "Slow Burn"]
    1. The Awakening (The Dawn)
    2. The Longing
    3. The Awakening (The Dusk)
  14. Awakening Chorus 4 [Original Version of Fallout of the 4th Kind with different lyrics and a flute solo]
  15. Dusk [Orchestral Instrumental Version]
  16. Fracture [24 Remix from the film "DeStressed"]
  17. Irene [New Song written while Hurricane Irene shut down the sessions. Recorded on Sony Camera's audio by Wendy Farrell-Pastore]
  18. Rolling... [Outtakes of Pete Trewavas breaking into comedy instead of recording his vocals during ITLWM sessions]

Mixed by Pete Trewavas and Eric Blackwood / Mastered by Eric Blackwood.

Limited Edition release of only 500 copies.

Other Physical CD Releases and CD Samplers[edit]

  1. Fracture (Fallout of the 1st Kind / The Last Refrain) also appears on the Classic Rock - Prog Magazine CD sampler release for July 2012
  2. The Awakening (Slow Burn) also appears on Marillion's Racket Records release "Playing Around"
  3. Spiraling also appears on the Fireworks UK Magazine CD Sampler for June 2012

Radio Charts[edit]

(Released to 160 U.S. Radio Stations on 18 June 2012)

  • FMQB reports that A Million Miles Away debuted @ 109 on the Hot-AC radio Charts... the highest debut song for any song on the week of 6/26/2012, (which featured debuts from previous American Idol winners).
  • By Week 12 on 9/12/2012, FMQB reported that Edison's Children's A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine) had reached the Top 40 on the HOT A/C U.S. Commercial Radio Play charts coming in at #39.
  • By Week 17 on 10/19/2012 FMQB reported that Edison's Children's A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine) had reached its peak position of #32 on the U.S. Commercial Radio chart
  • Week 21 11/14/2012 FMQB reported that Edison's Children's A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine) had maintained its 10th straight week in the Top 40 [9] before dropping out of the Top 40 on 11/21/2012 due to the introduction of the Hot A/C chart's Holiday Music additions.


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