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IndustryEducational, Professional Writing
HeadquartersUkraine and Wilmington, USA
Area served

EduBirdie is a professional writing and academic aid platform that offers services, including ghostwriting, essay creation, proofreading and a plagiarism checker.

In 2018, EduBirdie promoted itself through social media influencers and YouTubers which lead to an investigation conducted by BBC that resulted in thousands of videos being removed from YouTube which were promoting EduBirdie and cheating. It was done over an academic aid policy of YouTube where students pay to get help in academic related tasks which is considered as cheating.[1][2][3] As per BBC those videos earned a total of 700 million views and almost 250 channels who were promoting homework cheating.[4][5][6]

EduBirdie is also an employer to college students, offering post-college jobs and ambassador programs for current students.[7][8]

In 2019, EduBirdie offered to proofread President Trump's tweets, free of charge over grammatical mistakes in his Tweets.[9][10]

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