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The Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan is responsible for Education in Turkmenistan at all levels.


In 2007, following the presidential decree, compulsory and free education was increased from 9 to 10 years. Starting from 2007, higher education now lasts 5 years. [1] In 2007, there were 1 million children were attending grades 1 to 10 and around 100,000 started grade 1. [2] In 2010/2011 academic year, 931 272 students were enrolled in general educational institutions: 373 160 in urban areas and 558 112 in rural areas. There was a total of 1 730 schools – 1 232 in rural and 498 in urban areas (State Committee for Statistics). Some 69 437 teachers were employed.[3] Turkmenistan introduces 12 year starting from 2013/2014 academic year. [4]


There are 23 higher education institutions in Turkmenistan. 18 of these are civil and 5 are military higher education institutions.[5]

Postgraduate education[edit]

Postgraduate education in Turkmenistan available at the Turkmen Academy of Sciences, restored in 2007. Quota for a postgraduate education approved by the President of Turkmenistan. In 2013, the graduate school will be accepted 55 graduates of national universities, two more budget places will appear in the doctoral studies, 42 clinical residency, a place for 241 candidates for a degree of candidate of sciences, 9 seats for the doctoral degree.