Edward F. Allodi

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Edward F. Allodi
Born 1898
Palermo, Italy
Died 1987
Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Known for Edward F. Allodi, Architect

Edward F. Allodi AIA (1893–1987) was an Italian American architect who designed a number of important buildings for Roman Catholic Clients in Connecticut and New York during the early part of the 20th century.

Early life and career[edit]

Allodi was born in Palermo, Italy on October 24, 1893 and moved with his family to Boston, Massachusetts as a young child. He attended the Boston Public Schools and received a Bachelor's degree from the Boston Architectural Center (1918-1925) While there he won a scholarship to continue his studies at Princeton University (1925-1927). He also was the recipient of the Rotch Travelling Schaola of 1927.

Architectural practice[edit]

Allodi practiced from offices in Cape Cod Massachusetts and lived in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. He owned several local businesses including The Carpenters Shop, a woodworking business, the Galleries, a gift shop and interior design studio; and Allodi and Martin, an architect-engineer practice, all in Orleans.

Allodi entered practice in the New York-based firm of Boegel and Allodi in 1962 and became principal designer for two years beginning in 1966.

Allodi was Chairman of the Darian Housing Authority Connecticut (1929-1966), a member of the Darian Architectural Review Board (1961-1966), and the planning Board in Wellfleet MA beginning in 1970.


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