Egyptian municipal elections, 2008

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The 2008 Egyptian municipal elections were local elections held across Egypt on 8 April 2008.

Run up to elections[edit]

In the run up to the elections, Human Rights Watch alleged mass round-ups of 800 opposition Muslim Brotherhood candidates and would-be electoral candidates.[1] HRW also cited the delaying of a military court announcement for 40 Muslim Brotherhood leaders accused of belonging to an illegal organization until April 15, a week after the elections.[1] A general strike was called for 6 April to protest low wages and rising food costs, with the Muslim Brotherhood giving support to the strike.[2]


On 7 April, the day before the election, the Muslim Brotherhood announced it would boycott the election, after being allowed to compete for 20 seats amongst the 52,000 total seat available nationally.[3] The ruling National Democratic Party, led by President Hosni Mubarak will be unopposed for election in 70% of the seats.[4]