Egyptian presidential confirmation referendum, 1999

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Egyptian presidential confirmation referendum, 1999
← 1993 26 September 1999 2005 →
Turnout 79.2%
  Hosni Mubarak ritratto.jpg
Nominee Hosni Mubarak
Party NDP
Popular vote 17,554,856
Percentage 93.8%

President before election

Hosni Mubarak

Elected President

Hosni Mubarak

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A referendum on Hosni Mubarak's candidacy for President was held in Egypt on 26 September 1999, after he was nominated for the post by the People's Assembly. Mubarak was supported by all four main opposition parties, with the exception of the Nasserist Party.[1]

His candidacy was approved by 93.8%, with voter turnout reported to be 79.2%.[1]


The People's Assembly nominated Mubarak on 2 June by a vote of 443 to zero, with 11 abstentions.[2]


Choice Votes %
For 17,554,856 93.79
Against 1,162,525 6.21
Invalid/blank votes 240,512
Total 18,957,893 100
Registered voters/turnout 23,934,907 79.20


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