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Map of South Tyrol with the Eisacktal district highlighted in green. The yellow-black stripes mark the geographical extent of the valley.
Brixen and the Eisack valley as seen from south of St. Leonhard

Eisack Valley (German: Eisacktal; Italian: Valle Isarco) is a district (German: Bezirksgemeinschaft; Italian: comprensorio) in South Tyrol, Italy. It comprises the middle part of the valley of the Eisack, from Franzensfeste in the north to Waidbruck in the south.


According to the 2001 census, 85.76% of the population of the valley speak German, 13.22% Italian and 1.02% Ladin as first language.[1]

The following municipalities are part of the Eisacktal district:


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Coordinates: 46°43′N 11°40′E / 46.72°N 11.67°E / 46.72; 11.67