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Map of South Tyrol with the Vinschgau district highlighted in green. The yellow-black stripes mark the geographical extent of the valley.
Upper Vinschgau Valley.

The Vinschgau (Italian: Val Venosta, German: Vinschgau, Romansh: Vnuost, Ladin: Val Venuesta, medieval: Finsgowe) or Vinschgau Valley[1] is the upper part of the Etsch or Adige river valley, in the western part of the province of South Tyrol, Italy.


The valley runs in a west-east orientation, between the Reschen Pass and Merano. Due to a rather warm climate and a lack of rain (400mm per year), the apple orchards there are irrigated. According to the 2001 census, 96.51% of the population of the valley speak German, 3.41% Italian and 0.08% Ladin as first language.[2]


Vinschgau is also the name of a district (German: Bezirksgemeinschaft, Italian: comprensorio), in which the 13 municipalities of the valley cooperate. These municipalities are:


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