Electronika 60

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Electronika 60
Electronika 60M
Release date1978
Operating systemRT-11 and other
CPUM2 (Soviet LSI-11--PDP-11 LSI CPU implementation--clone)
Memory4kb 16-bit words; max 32k 16-bit words

The Electronika 60 (Russian: Электроника 60) is a computer made in the Soviet Union by Elektronika in Voronezh.


Alone the Electronika 60 is a rack-mounted computer with no built-in display or storage devices. It was usually paired with a 15IE-00-013 terminal and I/O devices. The main logic unit is located on the M2 CPU board.

M2 CPU Technical Characteristics:

  • LSI-11 (PDP-11 LSI CPU implementation) clone
  • Word length: 16 bits
  • Address space: 32K words (64 KB)
  • RAM size: 4K words (8 KB)
  • Number of instructions: 81
  • Performance: 250,000 operations per second
  • Floating-point capacity: 32 bits
  • Number of VLSI chips: 5
  • Board dimensions: 240 × 280 mm

The original implementation of Tetris was written for the Electronika 60 by Alexey Pajitnov. As the Electronika 60 doesn't have raster graphics, text was used to form the blocks.[1]


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