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En or Enji ([ɛɲi]) is the Illyrian god[1] of fire.[2] The name continues to be used in the Albanian language for Thursday (enjte).


According to Karl Treimer, Illyrians worshiped a fire god named *Enji, related to the Vedic fire god Agni.[2]

With the coming of Christianity En was demoted to demonic status.[1] The name En continues to be used in the Albanian language to refer to Thursday (Albanian: enjte, Tosk Albanian: enjtë, Gheg Albanian: êjte).[1][2]


The Albanian name enjte continues Proto-Albanian *agni-, probably related to the archaic Indo-European word for 'fire' (PIE *h₁n̥gʷnis). The names of week days in Albanian are the translation of Latin names, so the word enjte translates the Latin word lovis diem, and enj- must be the Albanian equivalent of Roman Jupiter.[3]

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