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The Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt Environment Prize (German environment prize) is a prize awarded in Germany. Worth 500000 it is the most valuable in Europe from an environmental foundation.[citation needed]

The Bundesstiftung Umwelt foundation is based in Osnabrück; the prize has been awarded since 1993.


Tony de Brum
Year Winner Reason (in English/German)
1993[1] Foron Hausgeräte GmbH Works on the first worldwide refrigerators without FCKW and FKW
Wolfgang Haber Popularisation of environmental issues
1994[2] Paul Crutzen and Frank Arnold Works on ozone depletion
Verein Ökospeicher and the city of Wulkow Environmentally friendly works in non urban regions
Umweltinitiativen der Wirtschaft in Ostwestfalen Implementation of higher environment standards
1995[3] Georg Winter Environmentally friendly management
Klaus Günther Environmentally friendly management
1996[4] Maciej Nowicki Founder of the Polish Environment Foundation
Wilkhahn Wilkening & Hahne GmbH & Co. ikone in environment controlling
1997[5] Michael Otto Environment management system by Otto GmbH
Bernhard Ulrich Material and energy flows in forests
Integral Energietechnik GmbH Work on Environmentally friendly Refrigerants
1998[6] Workgroup Klimaforschung by Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie Global and regional climate modelling
Georg Salvamoser Works in Photovoltaics
1999[7] Klaus Steilmann Oecology in textiles and clothing
Wilhelm Barthlott Lotus effect by Surface
2000[8] Franz Daschner Environment and material flow management in Hospitals
Aloys Wobben Work on Wind turbines
2001[9] Hermann Auernhammer Work on Precision Farming
Franz Ehrnsperger, Neumarkter Lammsbräu Work on oecology management concepts for breweries
Wolfgang Feist Work on Passivhaus concepts
2002[10] Peter Lüth Biological pest control using microorganisms
Klaus Töpfer International engagement on environmental issues
2003[11] Claus Mattheck Work on Bionik
Hermann Josef Schulte Work on environmentally friendly exhaust gas technology for automotive engineering
2004[12] Alfred Heinrich Jung Work on a new Gasket principle for the chemistry industry
Garabed Antranikian Pioneer of white biotechnology
Hannelore Schmidt Life Work
2005[13] Berndt Heydemann Founder of Freiluft- und Ökoparks in |Nieklitz
Joachim Luther Use of Solar energy
Heinz Sielmann Life's Work
2006[14] Hans Georg Huber Technology transfer for water cleaning in developing countries
Ernst-Detlef Schulze Work on Global warming
2007[15] Beate Weber Engagement for environment and climate
Carl Schmitt and Jürgen Köhler (both Konvekta AG) Work on Environmentally friendly refrigerants
Hans Joachim Schellnhuber Work on climate
2008[16] Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker Environmental politician and counsellor for UNO
Holger Zinke Work on Biocatalysis by ground organisms
2009 [17] Carsten Bührer
Petra Bültmann-Steffin
Bo Barker Jørgensen
Angelika Zahrnt
2010 [18] Winfried Barkhausen/Edwin Büchter
Mikhail Gorbachov
Rainer Griesshammer
2011 [19] Jürgen Schmidt
Joachim Alfred and Joachim Georg Wünning
2012 [20] Andreas Bett and Hansjörg Lerchenmüller
Günther Kramer
2013 [21] Carmen Hock-Heyl
Ursula Sladek
2014[22] Peter Hennicke Energy efficiency expert
Gunther Kreig scientist and founder of UNISENSOR
Hubert Weinzierl
2016[23] Bas van Abel Founder and CEO of company Fairphone, for being "a pioneer for more resource efficiency in the smartphone industry". DBU - Deutscher Umweltpreis. German Federal Environmental Foundation. Retrieved 21 January 2017.
Angelika Mettke and Walter Feess Betonrecycling
2017 Das "Grüne Band"
Johannes Oswald und Bernhard Oswald
2018[24] Antje Boetius
Leipzig Waste Water Experts

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