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The following is a list of characters who appeared on the ABC daytime soap opera Port Charles, which ran from 1997 to 2003.


Danielle Ashley (Deceased)
(Renee Griffin, 1997–98)
Daughter of Avery Stanton and half-sister to Dominique Stanton and Katherine Bell. Danielle came to Port Charles looking for work as an actress. She met and fell in love with Jake Marshak and stopped looking for acting jobs. She met her uncle, Rex Stanton, who used her in a scheme to try to get control of her niece Serena Baldwin's trust fund. Rex told Lucy Coe that Danielle was Dominique's half-sister, fabricated evidence to frame Scott Baldwin for Serena's kidnapping, and drugged Scott to make him look like an unfit father. Danielle felt guilty and wanted to confess. She feared what Rex would do to her and Jake. She confessed everything to Scott and he went to go tell the authorities. Danielle was in a car accident and died in surgery from her injuries.


Dominique Baldwin (Deceased)
(Shell Danielson, 1997)
Gail Adamson Baldwin
(Susan Brown, 1997–2001)
Scott Baldwin
(Kin Shriner, 1997–2001)
Serena Baldwin
(Carly Schroeder, 1997–2001) Biological daughter of Scott Baldwin and Dominique Stanton. Adoptive daughter of Lucy Coe.
Alison Barrington (Deceased)
(Erin Hershey Presley, 2000–03) Biological daughter of Elizabeth and Malcolm Barrington.
Amanda Barrington (Deceased)
(Anne Jeffreys, 1999–2003)
Elizabeth Barrington
(Rebecca Staab, 2002–03)
Reese Black
(Mariam Parris, 2002–03)
Ellen Morgan Burgess
(Debbi Morgan, 1997–98)


Lucy Coe
(Lynn Herring, 1997–2003) After going to Transylvania to look up on her family history, Lucy met Rafe Kovich who turned out being her long lost cousin. Rafe told Lucy about their family history and that she is a vampire slayer, as is he.
Kevin Collins
(Jon Lindstrom, 1997–2003)
Victor Collins
(Nicholas Pryor, 1997–2003)
Rae Cummings
(Linda Dano, 2000)


Julia Morris Devlin
(Lisa Ann Hadley, 1997–2000)
Tim Dolan
(William deVry, 2002)




Gabriela Garza
(Ion Overman, 2000–02)
Ricky Garza
Eddie Matos, 2001–03)
Ed Grant
(Jed Allan, 2001–03)


Audrey March Hardy
(Rachel Ames, 1997–98)
Matt Harmon
(Mitch Longley, 1997–2000)


(Kent Masters King, 2003)



Courtney Kanelos
(Sarah Aldrich, 1998–2000)
Rafe Kovich (Deceased)
(Brian Gaskill, 2001–03)
Rafe's first claimed to be a vampire slayer, but it was later revealed he was also a distant cousin to Lucy Coe. Rafe helped Lucy and Kevin Collins learn that Michael and Caleb Morley were the same person and a vampire as well. Rafe was able to help in Caleb's eventual downfall. While working behind the scenes, Rafe's true identity as an angel was learned by Alison Barrington. Alison became intrigued and enchanted by Rafe, but her attraction to him caused a rift in her relationship with Jamal Woods.
During the course of Caleb's reign of terror, Rafe revealed that Caleb had been responsible for his death. Rafe had tried to prevent Caleb from killing a young woman—but when his back was turned, Caleb took his life instead.
As the holidays neared, Rafe's heavenly boss, Ed, gave him until Christmas to undo the harm done by Caleb. That meant that Rafe had only a few weeks to reunite all of the couples that had experienced relationship trouble. Rafe succeeded on every level except for one. His relationship with Alison had caused more trouble between Alison and Jamal. Rafe pleaded with Ed to allow him to return to Earth and undo the damage he'd caused. Ed agreed, but it meant that Rafe would be returning without his special powers. He agreed and returned to Earth having to come to terms with his humanity - something he hadn't experienced in quite some time.
Rafe's goal was to reunite Jamal and Alison, but his mission took an abrupt turn when he realized that he had fallen in love with Alison and she felt the same. Alison and Jamal suffered a falling out after Jamal's ex, Valerie was accidentally shot and killed. Rafe was there to help Alison pick up the pieces. Soon after Rafe returned to heaven, having to leave his true love Alison behind.


Casey Leong
(Joy Bisco, 2002, 2003) Twin sister of Marissa Leong. Casey became a guardian angel who was sent back to earth with Rafe Kovich to watch over the people of Port Charles.
Marissa Leong
(Joy Bisco, 2002–03) Twin sister of Casey Leong.
Livvie Locke (Deceased)
(Kelly Monaco, 1999–03)
Livvie is the biological daughter of Kevin Collins and Grace Reese, but was raised to believe her aunt Rachel Locke was her mother. She is the sister/magical twin of Tess Ramsey. She was married to Rafe Kovich in 2002, and married Caleb Morley in 2003. She dated Jack and Chris Ramsey, and had a one-night stand with Frank Scanlon that resulted in an unborn child. In 2003, Monaco was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her role on Port Charles.
Rachel Locke
(Kimberlin Brown, 1999–2000
Daughter of Estelle Reese and sister of Grace Reese. Aunt and adoptive mother of Livvie Locke. Former psychiatrist at General Hospital.


Jake Marshak
(Rib Hillis, 1997–98)
Caleb Morley
(Michael Easton; 2001, 2002–03)
Although Michael Easton first made his appearance on Port Charles from May 11, 2001 to August 29, 2001 as the character Father Michael Morley, a priest, in the story arc entitled "Time in a Bottle," Easton shortly afterwards also began assuming the role of Father Michael Morley's sinister alter-ego, Caleb, from June 4, 2001 to December 1, 2001, then again from October 25, 2002 to October 3, 2003. Caleb Morley was a fictional vampire, however in contrast to more traditional vampire depictions, the character Caleb Morley was presented as a passionate, deeply conflicted man obsessed with a woman, Livvie ("Olivia") Locke, who resembled his murdered fiancée Olivia. Though malevolent and seductive, Caleb was also shown to be loving and vulnerable. He had a previous relationship with Elizabeth Barrington, and married Livvie in 2003. In 2013 Easton reprised the role of Caleb on General Hospital, where he goes on a killing spree killing Alison Barrington, Officer Bud Carlson, Dr. Jay Mosser, while trying to kidnap his son Rafe.






Chris Ramsey
(Nolan North, 1997–2003)
Jack Ramsey
(Brian Presley, 2000–03)
Kate Reynolds
(Shannon Sturges, 2002)
Kate is an NYC attorney who came to Port Charles to represent Alison Barrington in her murder trial of Dr. Kevin Collins.


Frank Scanlon Jr.
(Jay Pickett, 1997–2003
Joe Scanlon
(Michael Dietz, 1997–99; David Gail, 1999–2000; Alex Mendoza, 2000–01)
Ben Shapour
(Christopher Maleki, 2001)
Rex Stanton
(Wayne Northrop, 1997–98)


Joshua Temple
(Ian Buchanan, 2002–03)
Tess Locke
(Kelly Monaco, 2002–03) Magical sister/twin of Livvie Locke.
Arianna Shapour Thornhart
(Opal Anchel, 2001)
Eve Lambert
(Julie Pinson, 1997–2002)
Ian Thornhart
(Thorsten Kaye, 2000–03)




Caroline Wexler
(Marie Wilson, 2001)
Karen Wexler (Deceased)
(Jennifer Hammon, 1997–99; Marie Wilson, 1999–2003)
Jamal Woods
(Kiko Ellsworth, 2000–03)