Evolution (Decoded Feedback album)

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Studio album by Decoded Feedback
Released 1999
Recorded 1999
Genre Electro-industrial
Length 68:37
Label Zoth Ommog, Metropolis
Producer Decoded Feedback
Decoded Feedback chronology
"Reflect in Silence"

Evolution is the sixth album by the electro-industrial duo Decoded Feedback, their fourth full-length CD, and the third released on Germany's Zoth Ommog record label.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Evolution"
  2. "Endless Light"
  3. "Infect Me"
  4. "Bodies of Seals"
  5. "Frozen"
  6. "Re/animation"
  7. "Breathe" (Infected mix)
  8. "Bio-Vital" (Fictional remix)
  9. "Breathe" (In Strict Confidence remix)
  10. "Relic" (Aghast View "Intense" remix)
  11. "Bio-Vital" (Funker Vogt remix)
  12. "Relic" (Din_Fiv remix)
  13. "Bio-Vital" (The Frozen Autumn cover version)


  • Marco Biagiotti
  • Yone Dudas