Ewing (surname)

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Pronunciation/ˈjɪŋ/ YOO-wing
Language(s)Scottish English
Word/nameOld Gaelic
Meaning"(son of) Eógan"
Region of originScotland
Other names
Variant form(s)MacEwen and McEwing
Ewan and Ewans
Ewen and Ewens
Ewin and Ewins
Hewin and Hewins
See alsoWelsh Owen

The surname Ewing is of Scottish origin, and is an Anglicised form derived from the Gaelic clan name "Clann Eóghain" meaning "Children of Eóghain".[1][2] The forename "Eógan" is thought to derive ultimately from the Greek eugenes (Greek- ευγενής, meaning "noble", literally "well-born").

The earliest known coat of arms in the name Ewing appears in the Workman Armorial dated 1566.[3]

Notable people with the surname "Ewing"[edit]

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Born after 1950[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]


The surname was used for the central Ewing family in the American primetime soap operas Dallas, as well as its 2012 revival and its spin-off Knots Landing. Listed below are characters who used that surname from all three series'.

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