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ISS Expedition 23
Mission typeISS Expedition
Mission duration76 days, 16 hours, 1 minute
Space StationInternational Space Station
Began18 March 2010, 08:03 (2010-03-18UTC08:03Z) UTC
Ended2 June 2010, 00:04 (2010-06-02UTC00:05Z) UTC
Arrived aboardSoyuz TMA-17
Soyuz TMA-18
Departed aboardSoyuz TMA-17
Soyuz TMA-18
Crew size6
MembersExpedition 22/23:
Oleg Kotov
Soichi Noguchi
Timothy Creamer

Expedition 23/24:
Aleksandr Skvortsov
Mikhail Korniyenko
Tracy Caldwell Dyson
ISS Expedition 23 Patch.svg Expedition 23 crew members.jpg
(l-r) Korniyenko, Caldwell Dyson, Skvortsov, Kotov, Creamer and Noguchi 

Expedition 23 (Russian: МКС-23) was the 23rd long-duration mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Expedition 23 began with the Soyuz TMA-16 undocking on 18 March 2010. Shortly thereafter cosmonauts Aleksandr Skvortsov and Mikhail Korniyenko and astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson arrived at the Space Station on Soyuz TMA-18 on 4 April 2010.[1] The Soyuz spacecraft lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome at 00:04 EST on 2 April 2010.[2]


Position First part
(March 2010 to April 2010)
Second part
(April 2010 to June 2010)
Commander Oleg Kotov, RSA
Second spaceflight
Flight Engineer 1 Soichi Noguchi, JAXA
Second spaceflight
Flight Engineer 2 Timothy Creamer, NASA
Only spaceflight
Flight Engineer 3 Aleksandr Skvortsov, RSA
First spaceflight
Flight Engineer 4 Mikhail Korniyenko, RSA
First spaceflight
Flight Engineer 5 Tracy Caldwell Dyson, NASA
Second spaceflight

Backup crew[edit]

Mission overview[edit]

Three Russian cosmonauts, two American and one Japanese astronauts made up the Expedition 23 crew. It was the first ISS crew to include three Russians at once.[4] The Expedition 23 crew continued outfitting the newest modules of the nearly completed space station. The crew welcomed the shuttle flight STS-131 in April 2010. The Expedition 23 crew also saw the arrival of the Rasvet Russian docking module (MRM1) aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis on STS-132, which launched on 14 May 2010.



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