Extensor hallucis brevis muscle

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Extensor hallucis brevis
The mucous sheaths of the tendons around the ankle. Medial aspect. (Ext. hall. long. labeled at top center.)
Muscles of the front of the leg. (Ext. halluc. long. labeled vertically at center.)
Origin calcaneus
Insertion proximal phalanx of digit 1 (hallux, or the great toe)
Artery dorsalis pedis artery
Nerve deep fibular nerve
Actions Extend hallux
Antagonist Flexor hallucis brevis muscle
Latin musculus extensor hallucis brevis
TA A04.7.02.054
FMA 51141
Anatomical terms of muscle

The extensor hallucis brevis is a muscle on the top of the foot that helps to extend the big toe.


The extensor hallucis brevis is essentially the medial part of the extensor digitorum brevis muscle. Some anatomists have debated whether these two muscles are distinct entities.

The extensor hallucis brevis arises from the calcaneus and inserts on the proximal phalanx of the digit 1 (the big toe).

Nerve supply[edit]

Nerve supplied by lateral terminal branch of Deep Peroneal Nerve (deep fibular nerve) (proximal sciatic branches S1, S2). Same innervation of Extensor Digitorum Brevis


The extensor hallucis brevis helps to extend the big toe.

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  • Anatomy figure: 16:03-05 at Human Anatomy Online, SUNY Downstate Medical Center - "Dorsum of the foot showing the tendons that cross the ankle joint."