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Fews Lower

Na Feá Íochtaracha[1](Irish)
Location of Fews Lower, County Armagh, Northern Ireland.
Location of Fews Lower, County Armagh, Northern Ireland.
Sovereign stateUnited Kingdom
CountryNorthern Ireland

Fews Lower (from Irish: na Feá/Feadha, meaning "the woods")[2][3][4] is a barony in County Armagh, Northern Ireland.[5] Its lies in the center of the county, with an enclave lying just to the south-east. The main portion is bordered by four other baronies: Armagh to the west; Oneilland West to the north; Orior Lower to the east; and Fews Upper to the south. Fews Upper and Orior Lower also border the enclave to its north and west, with Orior Upper to its south-west.[5] The Fews Mountains run through both Fews Lower and Upper, the highest peak of which in Fews Lower is, Deadman's Hill, which stands at 1,178 ft.[6] Fews Lower and Upper formed the barony of The Fews until it was sub-divided.

List of settlements[edit]

Below is a list of settlements in Fews Lower:[1]


Villages and population centres[edit]

List of civil parishes[edit]

Below is a list of civil parishes in Fews Lower:[7][8]

  • Kilclooney (split with barony Orior Lower)
  • Kildarton (split with Oneilland West)
  • Lisnadill (split with the baronies of Armagh and Fews Upper)
  • Loughgilly (split with barony of Orior Lower and Orior Upper, it also contains the enclave)
  • Mullaghbrack (split with barony of Oneilland West)


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