Figueira Pavão

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Figueira Pavão
Figueira Pavão is located in Cape Verde
Figueira Pavão
Coordinates: 14°52′16″N 24°18′40″W / 14.871°N 24.311°W / 14.871; -24.311Coordinates: 14°52′16″N 24°18′40″W / 14.871°N 24.311°W / 14.871; -24.311
Country Cape Verde
Island Fogo
Municipality Santa Catarina do Fogo
Civil parish Santa Catarina do Fogo
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 320

Figueira Pavão is a settlement in the southeastern part of the island of Fogo, Cape Verde. Its 2010 population was 310. It is situated 3 km southwest of Cova Figueira and 20 km east of the island capital São Filipe and is connected with a secondary road linking Monte Grande and Cova Figueira bypassing the capital. Nearby settlements is Achada Furna to the west and Estância Roque to the north, more than a kilometer east is the Fogo Circular Road that encircles the island.

Agriculture like other parts of that portion of the island is the key economy of the village. Aluguer buses connects Achada Furna but not on a fixed schedule during 6 days of the week but not on holidays.

Its climate is cooler than the low-lying areas of the island but slightly warmer than the upper parts and Achada Furna and is nearly the same as Cova Figueira's and Patim.

Around 73,000 years ago, the area was formed as part of the interior of the earlier Fogo Mountain, the eastern half collapsed and with some erosion and lava flow over the centuries, thouth not as much as in the east and some small volcanoes, it would form the current landscape.

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