Vicente Dias

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Vicente Dias
Vicente Dias is located in Cape Verde
Vicente Dias
Coordinates: 14°53′35″N 24°27′04″W / 14.893°N 24.451°W / 14.893; -24.451Coordinates: 14°53′35″N 24°27′04″W / 14.893°N 24.451°W / 14.893; -24.451
Country Cape Verde
Island Fogo
Municipality São Filipe
Civil parish Nossa Senhora da Conceição
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 242

Vicente Dias is a settlement in the western part of the island of Fogo, Cape Verde. It is situated 5 km east of the island capital São Filipe (8-9 km by road). Nearby other settlements are Luzia Nunes and Patim to the northeast.

the settlement is named after the Portuguese explorer who explored Fogo in 1456 along with Alvise Cadamosto and Antoniotto Usodimare, first sited the area, the place are one of the oldest on Fogo Island and Cape Verde.

Vicente Dias is connected with a branch road connecting with Patim and the Fogo Circular Road (EN1-FG01).

The only notable landmark in the village is Nossa Senhora do Socorro church located by the ocean.

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