Mosteiros, Cape Verde

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View of Mosteiros
View of Mosteiros
Mosteiros is located in Cape Verde
Coordinates: 15°02′02″N 24°19′30″W / 15.034°N 24.325°W / 15.034; -24.325Coordinates: 15°02′02″N 24°19′30″W / 15.034°N 24.325°W / 15.034; -24.325
Country Cape Verde
Island Fogo
Municipality Mosteiros
Civil parish Nossa Senhora da Ajuda
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 4,124
Postal code 8110

Mosteiros (Portuguese for "monasteries") is a town in the northeastern part of the island of Fogo, Cape Verde. It is situated on the coast, 24 km northeast of the island capital São Filipe. It is the seat of the Mosteiros Municipality. Its 2010 population was 4,124 making it the island's second most populated places. To the northeast is Monte Velha and the area is dominated by forests, it forms a protected area as a forest perimeter.

About the town[edit]

Morning in Mosteiros.

There are several coffee plantations near the town. Its main agricultural production includes guavas, papayas, grapes, oranges, quinces and mangoes, coffee is the chief production. The church Igreja Nossa Senhora da Ajuda is worth a visit. Praia Casa is Mosteiros's beach. The local airport Mosteiros Airport has been closed in favor of São Filipe Airport, a part of its economy was affected. From São Filipe, Mosteiros can be reached by "aluguer" buses several times a day. Praça do Entroncamento is the town's main square. Coffee was cultivated at a large scale in the 19th century. Not on a fixed schedule, Aluguer buses connects with the capital and sometimes Cova Figueira during six days of the week but not on holidays, Yasi buses tend to depart to the capital at 6 AM.

Praça do Entroncamento.

The southern and the central part of the area were covered in lava flows of the previous eruptions of Pico do Fogo, the last one was in 1995,[2] the 2014–15 eruption did not affect Mosteiros at all.

Church of Nossa Senhora da Ajuda

Notable celebrations in the town is its carnival that takes place before Lent.


Around 73,000 BC or 75,000 years ago, the area was formed as part of the interior of the earlier Fogo Mountain, its landscape before was about 1,000 meters (3,000 feet) higher, the eastern half collapsed and with some erosion and lava flow over the centuries, it would form the current landscape.[3][4]

The 1681 eruption covered much of the area, and probably the 1786 eruption. The 1951 eruption covered the southern portion.


Mosteiros has a tropical climate, and moderate precipitation. The wettest months are between July and September. Average annual temperature is 22 °C[2]

Famous people[edit]

  • Júlio Correia
  • Dr. Azágua
  • Fernandinho Teixeira
  • Sidónio Monteiro
  • Pêpê Bana
  • Naco Barbosa
  • Amado
  • Ondina Rodrigues


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