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Floor may refer to one of the following:

In buildings:

  • Floor, the lower surface of a room; and the supportive subfloor, the layer which structurally provides the strength and support for the flooring above commonly miscalled 'the floor'.
  • Storey, a level of a building
  • Flooring, a type of floor covering for example wood flooring, tile flooring, vinyl flooring
  • Floor (gymnastics), a specially prepared exercise surface
  • Dance floor or Sprung floor for dancing

In mathematics, science and engineering:

In geography and Earth sciences:

  • Seabed, the bottom of the ocean

In economics and business:

Floor (legislative) and in public speaking:

  • The generality of the house members, as opposed to committee
  • The part of the house assigned to the members, as opposed to the viewing gallery
  • In public speaking, such as a legislature or town hall meeting, the person currently allowed to speak is said to "have the floor"

A personal name: