Florewood State Park

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Florewood State Park
Map showing the location of Florewood State Park
Map showing the location of Florewood State Park
Location in Mississippi
LocationLeflore, Mississippi, United States
Coordinates33°31′30″N 90°15′01″W / 33.52500°N 90.25028°W / 33.52500; -90.25028Coordinates: 33°31′30″N 90°15′01″W / 33.52500°N 90.25028°W / 33.52500; -90.25028[1]
Elevation131 ft (40 m)[1]
Governing bodyLeflore County
WebsiteFlorewood State Park

Florewood State Park, also known as Florewood River Plantation State Park, is a closed public recreation area in the U.S. state of Mississippi. The state park is located off U.S. Highway 82 on the western edge of Greenwood.


The park originated in 1973 when the Moor family deeded property to the state of Mississippi for use as a "living historical plantation."[2] In 2005, a bill introduced before the Mississippi Legislature authorized the disposal of Florewood Plantation State Park and four other state parks.[3] An auction company offered the "entirety of Florewood River Plantation State Park" at auction on July 23, 2005.[4] Although the department intended to keep the park open as a day-use facility with "picnic pavilions and picnic tables,"[5] the park was leased to Leflore County in 2007.[2]

As of 2016, the park was described as "temporarily closed due to renovation" by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks.[6] The 2015-2016 edition of Mississippi Outdoor Digest listed the park as operated by Leflore County and temporarily closed.[7]


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