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Foreigner Registration is a requirement for foreign nationals entering India for a period of greater than six months, or for foreigners entering India for work, on an employment visa. The body responsible for foreigner registration is called Foreign Regional Registration Office, or FRRO.

For Pakistani Nationals registration is required within 24 hours.

For an employment visa registration is required within fourteen days. However it is difficult to gather all the required documents within this time, so usually a late fee of 1395 rupees will be charged.

Obtaining a visa is a relatively straightforward process in an overseas country. However, for employment and student visas, Foreigner Registration is required in India.


  • A Hindi speaking person from your company or school.
  • Up to ten recent passport size photographs.
  • Photocopy of,
    • The photo page of your passport.
    • Photocopy of your Indian visa page of the passport;
  • Proof of residential address in India.
    • Copy of valid notarized lease/rent agreement or copy of C-form from the hotel and copy of recent electricity/telephone bills along with letter from the landlord.
  • For a student visa
    • Bonafide certificate from school/college.
  • For an employment visa
    • A request letter
    • Undertaking letter
    • Contract agreement from employer.

Recommended process[edit]

  • Rent a property.
  • Print off online registration form.
  • Gather all requirements.
  • Go to Foreigner Regional Registration Office.
    • Get late fee form.
  • Pay late fee.
  • Go to Foreigner Regional Registration Office.

The whole process takes approximately one month.

Online registration[edit]

At this stage online registration is only available for some major Cities.

Document required for registration[edit]

  1. Registration form in triplicate.
  2. 04 (for adult) and 02 (for minor) recent passport size photographs
  3. Copy of passport (photo page, Page indicating validity, page bearing arrival stamp) and Copy of Indian Visa
  4. Copy of valid notarized Lease/Rent agreement or copy of C-form from the Hotel and copy of recent electricity/telephone bills along with letter from the landlord.
  5. Term and condition of the contract of assignment including salary position and tenure of employment.
  6. Undertaking on the letter head of the company duly signed by authorized signatory mentioning name and contact number taking responsibility of the foreigner during the stay in India and repatriate at their cost if situation arose.
  7. Request letter from the Company in India.

Forms obtained at the Foreigners Regional Registration office[edit]

  • Form 'A' - (Rules 5, 6, 7) - Part-IV-Triplicate of Registration report
    • Not required if using online registration.
    • You will be given one copy of the form
    • You will be asked to photo copy 8 copies (before filling in).
    • You will be asked to fill in 8 copies by hand.
  • Resident Permit - (Under para 7 of the Foreigner Orders, 1948).
    • You will be given one copy of the form
    • You will be asked to photo copy 2 copies (before filling in).
    • Fill in and sign by hand.

Paying the late fee[edit]

The late fee is to be paid by physically going to the State Bank of India, with the late fee payment details form. The State Bank of India is a state run bank. To deposit the money you will need,

  • A photocopy of the payment details form obtained from the Foreigners Regional Registration Office.
  • 1400 rupees in cash.

Request letter[edit]

This will a copy of the letter from the company offering you employment.

Contract agreement from employer[edit]

This is a letter from the human resources department of you company in India identifying your salary and tax details in India.

Undertaking letter[edit]

There is no fixed form for the undertaking letter. However this is an example,

 To Whome So Ever It May Concern
 This is to certify that Joe Bloggs who is a Russian National has been 
 employed by The Company Ltd, India  a for a period of X months effective 
 from 13 May 2013.
 During his stay in India, TheCompany shall be liable for his conduct. 
 Following are his Indian Contact Details-
 Address        :
 Contact number :

Proof of residential address[edit]

You will need to obtain a residential address in India before you can prove your residential address. This will normally take one month, which is why it is difficult to avoid the late fee.

Online C-Form copy is mandatory for all type of residence (Hotel, but also house rent). Only the online version of this C-Form is allowed. In addition, copy of the notarized version of the lease agreement is needed for rental and/or copy of recent electricity/telephone bills.


The final result of your toils is,

  • A residency certificate
  • A work permit