Singaporeans in India

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Singaporeans in India
Total population
(4, 308 [1])
Regions with significant populations
Chennai · Bangalore · New Delhi · Mumbai
English (Singlish) · Tamil · Mandarin · Malay · Other Indian Languages
Hinduism · Buddhism · Taoism · Islam
Related ethnic groups
Chinese community in India · Indians in Singapore

There is a small community of Singaporeans in India, consisting largely of expatriate professionals from Singapore and their families as well as international students at Indian universities, including the citizens of India who identify themselves to be of Singaporean descent. Most of them are Singaporeans of Indian descent along with a large number of Chinese Singaporeans and they live mainly in Chennai and Bangalore.


With India following in China's footsteps as an economic powerhouse, many Singaporeans have been relocating there, mostly to Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi. In 2005, the Indian High Commission issued 60,000 business and travel visas to Singaporeans.[2] A large number of Singaporeans based in Chennai consists mainly of businessmen.[3] There are now about 500 Singaporeans in India for business purposes. It is estimated that the number of Singaporeans working in India has gone up by about 20 per cent annually in the last three to five years.

Students, too, have been flocking to India for internships. In 2007, 91 students from the Singapore Management University (SMU) migrated to India for such internships. Internships in India also made up more than one-third of all overseas internships at SMU.


List of Singaporean International schools in India:

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