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Thais in India
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There is community of Thais in India consisting mostly of international students and expatriates from Thailand and people born in India with Thai ancestry.


There are currently about 60 Thais living and working in Goa, mostly in Panjim and Margao.[1] Most of them work as spa therapists, beauty salon specialists and chefs in five star hotels such as the Taj Holiday village and Holiday Inn. There are also about 50 to 60 Thais residing in Mumbai.[2]

International students[edit]

More than 7,000 Thai students study in various Indian Universities and colleges.[3] Thai students prefer Indian educational institutions as they provide quality education at low cost. Most of these students came to India to study subjects such as humanities and engineering.[4]

As for primary education, around 2,000 Thai students get admitted to Indian boarding and international schools each year. The students from Thailand target mainly schools and colleges in North and South India.

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