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Laroui (2011)

Fouad Laroui (12 August 1958) is a Moroccan economist and writer, born in Oujda, Morocco. After his studies in the Lycée Lyautey (Casablanca), he joined the prestigious École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (Paris, France), where he studied engineering. After having worked in the Office Cherifien des Phosphates company in Khouribga (Morocco), he moved to the United Kingdom where he spent several years in Cambridge and York. Later he obtained a PhD in economics and moved to Amsterdam where he is currently teaching econometrics and environmental science. In addition, he is devoted to writing.

He is also a literary chronicler for the weekly magazine Jeune Afrique and Economia magazine, and the French-Moroccan radio Médi1.

Awards and honours[edit]


  • Les Dents du topographe (Julliard, 1996) - A chronicle of a young person in Morocco, an account which marks the refusal of the established order and a feeling of detachment for his homeland. Price Discovered Albert-Camus.
  • De quel amour blessé (Julliard, 1998) - The story of an impossible love affair between a Maghrebi living in Paris and a Jewish girl. Winner of Mediterranean prize of Colleges, Radio-Beur FM Prize .
  • Méfiez-vous des parachutistes (Julliard, 1999)- A comic portrait of Moroccan society told through the lives of two characters.
  • Le Maboul (Julliard, 2000) - A collection of satirical short stories about Moroccan society.
  • La fin tragique de Philomène Tralala (Julliard, 2003)
  • Tu n'as rien compris à Hassan II (Julliard, 2004) - A collection of short stories.
  • De l’islamisme. Une réfutation personnelle du totalitarisme religieux (Robert Laffont editions, October 2006)
  • L'Oued et le Consul (Julliard 2006) : collection of short stories.
  • Le jour où Malika ne s'est pas mariée (Julliard 2009) : novel
  • Une année chez les Français (Julliard 2010): Novel, listed for the Prix Goncourt 2010.
  • Democracy and Islam in the Magreb an Implications for Europe, in: Zeyno Baran (Ed.), The Other Muslims: Moderate and Secular, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010
  • La Vieille Dame du riad (Julliard, 2011) : novel
  • L'Étrange Affaire du pantalon de Dassoukine (Julliard, 2012) : short stories [The Curious Case of Dassoukine's Trousers (Deep Vellum, 2016)]
  • "Des Bédouins dans le polder" (Le Fennec, 2010) - Moroccans in Holland: anecdotes, things seen, conversations overheard in the streets of Amsterdam and other Dutch towns.

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