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The Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel is a funeral home currently on Madison Avenue at 81st Street in Manhattan. Founded in 1898 as Frank E. Campbell Burial and Cremation Company, the company is now owned by Service Corporation International. The funeral home, which continues to this very day, is known for staging many celebrity funerals including that of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Rudolph Valentino, Judy Garland, Heath Ledger and The Notorious B.I.G.[1]

Notable funerals[edit]

Frank E. Campbell[edit]

Frank E. Campbell
Born 4 July 1872
Died 19 January 1934
New York City
Cause of death Heart disease
Residence Manhattan, New York
Nationality American
Occupation Funeral director
Known for Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel
Parent(s) Malvina T. Campbell (mother)born 1838 Adams Illinois died Jan 1926George Salon Campbell (father) born March 15 1859 Ohio died 1910
Relatives Flora Evangline Campbell (sister)(married Edward Volney Peters)(Kate Campbell sister)

Frank E. Campbell (4 July 1872 – 19 January 1934) was an American funeral director and founder of the funeral chapel which he opened in 1898. Campbell was credited with developing the funeral home industry at a time when most funerals were held in the homes of the deceased.[8]


Campbell was born on July 4 (Independence Day) 1872 in Illinois and got his training making caskets in what he called “an undertaker’s shop,” and when he was 20, he came to New York and worked in funeral parlors owned by a minister.

He soon opened his own parlor, on 23rd Street near Eighth Avenue, becoming part-mortician, part-showman. The home he helped found is today run by Service Corporation International, the Houston-based death care company.

Campbell died on 19 January 1934 at age 62 of heart disease.


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