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FreeFEM++ CS Example - Dirichlet.png
Developer(s) Université Pierre et Marie Curie and Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions
Initial release 1987 (1987)
Stable release 3.32-1 / November 7, 2014; 7 months ago (2014-11-07)[1]
Written in C++
Operating system Linux, OS X, Microsoft Windows, Solaris
License LGPL version 2.1 or later

FreeFem++ is a programming language and a software focused in solving partial differential equations using the finite element method.[2] FreeFem++ is written in C++ and developed and maintained by Université Pierre et Marie Curie and Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions. It runs on GNU/Linux, Solaris, OS X and MS Windows systems. FreeFem++ is free software (GPL).

FreeFem++ language is inspired by C++. There is an IDE called FreeFem++-cs.


The first version was created in 1987 by Olivier Pironneau, and it was named MacFem (it only worked on Macintosh); PCFem appeared some time later. Both were written in Pascal.

In 1992 it was re-written in C++ and it was named FreeFem. Later versions, FreeFem+ (1996) and FreeFem++ (1998) used that programming language too.

Other versions[edit]

  • FreeFem++ includes versions for console mode and MPI
  • FreeFem3D

Deprecated versions:

  • FreeFem+
  • FreeFem

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