Freehold and Jamesburg Agricultural Railroad

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The Freehold and Jamesburg Agricultural Railroad was a short-line railroad in New Jersey. Its former right-of-way, along with a portion of the Farmingdale and Squan Village Railroad's right-of-way, has become the Edgar Felix Bikeway and the Freehold right-of-way has become the Henry Hudson Trail. The railroad was formed under a special law of New Jersey, on May 21, 1879 it was incorporated,[1] in which three railroads consolidated to form the Company, including the Farmingdale and Squan Village Railroad, the Freehold Marl Company Railroad (which later became the Monmouth County Agricultural Railroad) and Camden and Amboy Rail Road and Transportation Company. The headquarters of the railroad was in Jamesburg.[2] In 1853, the establishment of the Jamesburg & Freehold Agricultural Railroad caused Jamesburg to become a railroad hub.[3] The length of the trackage amounting to 27.323 miles (44 km). The Allaire family was a major stock holder in the company and James P. Allaire's son, Hal, was on the board of directors.[4]