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Freeway 2
Taoyuan Inner Beltway
Route information
Maintained by Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau
Length: 20.4 km[1] (12.7 mi)
Existed: August 24, 1997 – present
Major junctions
West end: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in Dayuan
  PH 31 in Luzhu
Fwy. 1 in Taoyuan District
East end: Fwy. 3 in Yingge
Highway system

Highway system in Taiwan

Fwy. 1 Fwy. 3
Freeway 2 at Dazhu Interchange

Freeway No. 2 (Chinese: 國道二號) is a freeway, which begins from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in Dayuan District, Taoyuan City and ends in Yingge at the junction with Freeway No. 3 in Taiwan. It is 20.4 kilometres (12.7 mi) long.

Major cities along the route[edit]

Exit list[edit]

County Location km[2] mi Exit Name Destinations Notes
Taoyuan City Dayuan 0.0 0.0 Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
0.9 0.56 1 Dayuan CR 110 (Zhongzheng East Road) – Dayuan
Luzhu 5.0 3.1 5 Dazhu PH 31 (Nanqing Road) – Luzhu, Qingpu
Taoyuan District 9.2[3] 5.7 8 Airport System Fwy. 1 – Taipei, Linkou, Zhongli, Hukou
11.6 7.2 11 South Taoyuan Taoyuan District
Bade 18.5 11.5 18 Danan CR 110B (Fude First Road) – Yingge, Bade
New Taipei City Yingge 20.4 12.7 Yingge System Fwy. 3 – Taipei, Daxi
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


The lanes in each direction are listed below.

  • 3 lanes:
    • Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Top – Danan interchange
  • 2 lanes:
    • Danan interchange – Yingge junction


The 8.6-kilometre (5.3 mi) section between the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (previously named as Chiang Kai-shek International Airport) and Freeway No. 1 was originated designated as No. 1A, a branch of Freeway No. 1. When the road was extended to Yingge to connect Freeway No. 3 in 1997, the entire route was renumbered as Freeway No. 2.

Dazhu Interchange was completed in January 2006. This interchange provides an easy access to the Taoyuan High Speed Rail station.

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