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Coat of arms of Frickenhausen
Coat of arms
Frickenhausen  is located in Germany
Location of Frickenhausen within Esslingen district
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Coordinates: 48°35′34″N 9°21′40″E / 48.59278°N 9.36111°E / 48.59278; 9.36111Coordinates: 48°35′34″N 9°21′40″E / 48.59278°N 9.36111°E / 48.59278; 9.36111
Country Germany
State Baden-Württemberg
Admin. region Stuttgart
District Esslingen
 • Mayor Simon Blessing
 • Total 11.35 km2 (4.38 sq mi)
Elevation 323 m (1,060 ft)
Population (2015-12-31)[1]
 • Total 8,844
 • Density 780/km2 (2,000/sq mi)
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes 72636
Dialling codes 07022, 07025 (Linsenhofen), 07123 (Tischardt)
Vehicle registration ES

Frickenhausen is a town in the district of Esslingen in Baden-Württemberg in Germany.

Frickenhausen in Esslingen district
Frickenhausen, Baden-Württemberg 2012


For the first time the municipality was called in the early 14th century Frickenhusen. The main source of income was the growing of wine. However, epidemics, war and bad harvests made the income volatile, so many people worked from mid-18th century on linen weaving, spinning and flax.

Today's Protestant church was built in 1500 as a late Gothic village church.


Since the reformation Frickenhausen is dominated Protestant. Today there are in each of the three districts a Protestant church. In the center there is also again a Roman Catholic church and since several years a New Apostolic congregation.



The municipality Tischardt was incorporated on April 15, 1972 to the municipality Frickenhausen. The coat of arms was adopted in 1923, it shows in a blue shield a silver table, behind are three silver trees.

Town hall Tischardt


Linsenhofen came on January 1, 1975, by incorporation to Frickenhausen. Linsenhofen was first mentioned in 1137 in the Zwiefalter Chronik. The coat of arms can be detected since 1778. On a seal two men are seen, holding a grape between them standing.

Rectory Linsenhofen



  • Erich Scherer, mayor 1948-1986
  • Ludwig König, longtime councilor
  • Marianne Ellinger, longtime councilor 1971-2001, deputy mayor 1981-2001

Personalities who have worked locally[edit]

  • Dieter Auch (born 1941), politician (SPD), former member of parliament, lives in the district Linsenhofen
  • Carla Bregenzer (born 1946), politician (SPD), former member of Landtag, lives in Frickenhausen
  • Marvin Plattenhardt (born 1992), professional football player for Hertha BSC , grew up in Frickenhausen


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